The Joy of Being Photogenic

So my girlfriend’s brother has among many others, the talent of capturing grotesque and psychologically scarring faces on film.  I doubt you’ll disagree…

A face this fantastic just begs to be photoshopped in as many places as possible.  I did my best to make it so.

And my favorite of the group:

Yup…. yup it still makes me giggle

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5 thoughts on “The Joy of Being Photogenic

  1. I’m honored by you and disgusted by myself, leaving me relatively indifferent to the whole situation. No, wait, not indifferent. Pretty danged excited. Photogenetry is a rare ability that requires immense amount of skill and training… but like, 99.9% genes.

  2. That is awesome! I will be laughing about that days. It’s funnier because I know him and know what a goof he is with no shame at all. But I think these would be funny even if I didn’t know him. Your talent just adds to that crazy face!!!

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